The Synchro Project is intended to move toward a breakthrough in the study of what C.G.Jung defined as “meaningful coincidence unlikely to have occurred by chance”. A synchro is a synchronistic event --a coincidental experience perceived as extraordinary and significant.
Established by internationally known designer Lesley Roy, after a series of life-changing synchros in 2007, she conducted significant anecdotal research and became convinced that there must be a more quantifiable methodology for studying this mysterious phenomenon. 
The Synchro Project allied with Yale’s Initiative in Religion Science & Technology form 2008 to 2012 to launch a series of high level research events and the October 2010 Synchro Summit at Yale.  At that event philosophers, independent scholars and others vitally interested in a deeper understanding of coincidence gathered to share perspectives, propose hypothesis, chart a course for the systematic study of synchronicity. 

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“surpasses our powers of comprehension...” -C.G.Jung


Toward a Methodology for the Study of SYNCHRONICITY

Lesley Roy, Project Director